EyeLoveKnots Free Crochet Patterns

**09.09.17: With the discontinuation of the InLinkz Project Manager program, my photo directory of free crochet patterns is down, hence the reason why you may see them at first, but not for long. I am in the process of re-adding photos to this page in a different manner, which can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Please be patient with me, and consider searching "free crochet pattern" in the search box found on the right side of the blog.

The photos and links listed below include FREE CROCHET PATTERNS designed by little ole' me, Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots. 
While these patterns are specifically sized - they can all be customized to your desired size. Feel free to send me a message should you be interested in viewing an up or down-sized version of any pattern listed below.
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To get started, simply click on the link in the caption and it will take you to view the post containing the Free Pattern.

All photos and opinions are all my own. Do not claim my photos or patterns as your own. They are not to be copied and pasted elsewhere nor are they to be sold. Do not use my photos to sell your own items.

Photos and Links are listed in order of appearance, with most recent on the top.

*Not seeing what you're looking for? I use many tags in my posts including yarn brand, colors and patterns. Feel free to use the Search This Blog box to find the what you're looking for quicker.

EyeLoveKnots Free Crochet Patterns:

Last Updated: 02.10.18
Top, Middle: Cat Face Coasters

Bottom, Right: Granny Square Phone Cozy

Bottom: Plarn Handbag.

Last Updated: 10.09.17


  1. aww...why do the photos with links disappear (only if I refresh my page do I see them again, but only a few seconds) then gone again?!

    1. So sorry about that! Unfortunately, the site I wad using to create this beautiful page has changed to something else so it has expired on my end. I have some time off this week, and will be working on getting my pictures back up here.